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Institution for vocational training and occupational re-training

The Akademie Überlingen is a training institution with more than 30 schools and colleges in Central and Northern Germany. We have 350 permanent employees and have trained or retrained 100.000 students/trainees since our foundation in 1969. In close collabaration with the jobcenters 75.000 of those have subsequently found employment. The Akademie Überlingen has long-term experience in employment agency services. For European citizens who wish to gain work experience or find a job in Germany we liaise with companies and businesses to find suitable positions. We offer language training and career accreditation courses for those who need to have their qualification accredited by the German employment market.


  • 1969 year of the foundation in Überlingen, Lake Constance
  • 1971 Opening of location in Osnabrück (HQ) by Norbert Glasmeyer
  • Foundation of 35 colleges throughout 5 federal states
  • since 1990 locations added in new Federal States of former East Germany
  • since 1991 in Wernigerode

European Mobility Projects

The Akademie Überlingen in Wernigerode has long-term experience in implementing Leonardo da Vinci and other transnational projects with various European partners. Having started as a sending organisation in the hotel and gastronomy sector, projects now cover all sectors of industry and commerce and also include the health service. As receiving partner we organise work placements, language training, accommodation and welfare support within the framework of the LdV mobility program.

Location Wernigerode

Wernigerode and its Harz county is one of the thriving industrial areas of Saxony-Anhalt. The medieval tourist town is situated at the bottom of the Harz mountains in the heart of Germany with easy train and motorway connection to the airports of Hannover (110 km), Leipzig (140 km) and Berlin (220 km).

The Akademie Überlingen in Wernigerode offers customer-oriented qualifications since 1991. We focus on the needs of the labor market, the current scientific standards and the interests of our participants. Our participants can reach accredited professional certificates.

  • What we offer:
    • training and qualification in over 20 vocations
    • further vocational training and occupational retraining with nationally and internationally recognised qualifications
    • training, workshops, seminars for professionals
    • language training
    • development, implementation and chaperoning of trailor-made training programs
    • project work
    • personnel leasing, supply of temporary workers
    • employment agency services
  • Our facilities:
    • Technical and multimedia centre
    • Fully equipped trainings kitchen and restaurant
    • Seminar rooms

We have long-term successful partnerships with the local industry as well as the jobcentres, youth and help organisations and our local authorities. Our project group ‘Fit for Europe’ consists of 12 partners including the regional and local jobcenters and 4 transnational partners.

Transnationally we have been cooperating with the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce in St Johann for more than 10 years and have close partnerships with England, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Sweden and Lithuania.

Bird View of the college in Wernigerode