Grundtvig partnership project ENCLOSE

Grundtvig Partnership - ENCLOSE



Grundtvig learning partnerships enable organisations working in the field of adult learning to work together on topics of common interest. We are currently partners in the Grundtvig partnership project E.N.C.L.O.S.E. (Establish a New Cooperation to Let Obtain Social Inclusion in Europe).


The main objective of the ENCLOSE project is to contribute to the realisation of the Europe 2020 strategy. ENCLOSE intends to support disadvantaged people in the labour market such as long-term unemployed, people with disabilities or special needs, immigrants, minorities and unskilled workers.


The partnership consists of 10 partners from Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey and Germany. The kick-off event took place at the Akademie Überlingen in Wernigerode from 19-22.11.2012. All project activities, developments and results are published on the ENCLOSE


Website: Enclose
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