Leonardo da Vinci Strategic Partnership

Leonardo da Vinci Strategic Partnership - Mental Issues in Jobcenters


We are also partners in the Leonardo da Vinci partnership project “Mental Issues in Jobcenters”. The economic crisis in Europe has an enormous effect on the mental health. The current depressed mood affects the unemployed people and the professionals dealing with them. Most of the job-center workers are not prepared to face and manage the people being in a status of depression.


This project helps jobcenter workers widening their knowledge on mental issues and helps job seekers in better observing their needs and requests in this field. A questionnaire was given to hundreds of jobcenter clerks to find out their needs when having to deal with clients that are in psychological distress. A training has been developed to teach the jobcenter workers in order to be better informed and able to handle their clients.


The participants of this project are: vocational schools, educational institutions, jobcenter workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and coaches. The participant partners are coming from England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.


In December 2014 the Akademie Überlingen was the host of the 6th transnational meeting in Wernigerode, Germany. more

In May 2015 the international final conference was held in Adana (Turkey). more

Here you find an information sheet with the experiences of our two years EU-project.


Website: Mental Issues

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