The Akademie Überlingen Wernigerode's Project

Grundtvig Partnership – First Steps to Employability



The Akademie Überlingen Wernigerode takes part in a second Grundtvig Partnership. This partnership brings together 7 European education providers from 6 countries. The target group is students aged 18-30 years with low educational attainment and whose skills deficits make them most disadvantaged within a changing labor market. The project will develop a trans-European framework of skills and tools. The partnership will also create a collection of CV´s and Cover letters, with models completed in each partner language; also should be realized a guide “How to prepare for an Interview” and a database about the EU labor market to include specific information on partner country labor markets.

The main objectives of the project are to enhance the European intercultural dialogue among the project partners and to develop creativity among the participants. Most important goal is to upgrade the information and skill levels of the students to increase their chances to get employed.

The following countries are participating in the partnership: France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Spain. In March 2015, the 5th transnational project meeting will take place in the Akademie Überlingen, Wernigerode.

Website: First Steps
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