Strategic Partnership Projekt der Akademie Überlingen


K-skills for mobility is a Strategic Partnership project under the framework of KA2 ERASMUS+ Program which main aim is to investigate the situation regarding mobility in each partner country and to indicate the most important transversal skills which could foster willingness of students to participate in mobility activities.

The project is built around the idea to improve the efficiency of the European VET system within the ET 2020 framework, enlarging and improving the mobility of VET students through development of a more comprehensive training on transversal, which will improve their access and permanence in the labour market.



Foreseen Results:

  • Increased motivation for mobility of VET students and young adult learners.
  • More accurate information to families of students.
  • VET Centres also uses benchmarking as a tool for continuous improvement.

Participating countries are: Spain, Austria, Ireland, Italy and Germany.

Website: K-Skills
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