How can a LCCI International Qualification help me?

How can a LCCI International Qualification help me?

The LCCI International Qualifications (LCCI IQs) offer a wide range of tests and exams that are consistently being updated to ensure that they are “fit for purpose” in today’s business market. These are available at a range of levels to meet your individual needs and are recognised by many employers, governments and universities worldwide.

Qualifications offered:

  • EFB: English for Business
  • WEFT: Written English for Tourism
  • EFC: English for Commerce
  • ELSA: English Language Skills Assessment
  • SEFIC: Spoken English for Industry and Commerce
  • PBE: Practical Business

English for Business (EfB) is a praxis orientated exam that is intended for candidates who have achieved a sound basic understanding of English, gained either through previous learning or employment. The qualification has a compulsory reading and writing exam and optional speaking exam. The EfB compares to the Common European Framework (CEF), Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen (GER)There are five levels which can be taken:

  • EfB Preliminary (A1 – A2)
  • EfB level 1 (A2 – B1)
  • EfB level 2 (B1 – B2)
  • EfB level 3 (B2 – C1)
  • EfB level 4 (C1 – C2)

Exams can take place either at request (on demand) or on four set dates in the year.

Exam details:

EfB Level 1


Improves your basic knowledge so that candidates are able to:

  • Read and understand basic business texts
  • Write basic English for simple business communications
  • Understand spoken and recorded business English
  • Take part in short conversations



The candidates are assessed via a 2 hour examination consisting of four questions:

  • Writing a simple business letter or memo, based on given information
  • Understanding a basic business text of about 300 words and then answering related questions
  • Reading and processing information based on graphic or numerical charts
  • Completing a form or chart using data given


Optional speaking exam:


Candidates are assessed by a 12 minute examination. This includes a 5 minute preparation time. Part 1 consists of a warm up conversation during which the candidate will be asked about study and work ambitions for the future. Part 2 expects the candidates to join in a discussion of a topic selected by the examiner.

Further information about EfB levels and other qualifications can be found on the LCCI IQ homepage (

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