Praktikumsprogramm - Akademie Überlingen

Work Experience / Intership Program

In most vocational areas of study, the Akademie Überlingen Experience/Internship Programme offers a unique way for participants to develop their personal and career goals through work experience, and interns are able to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge that they have gained at university/college and the reality of working in a business environment. The programme aims to provide the participants with the means of improving their existing German/English language skills in a professional environment, enhance their employment opportunities within an increasingly competitive employment market while also increasing their awareness of international business and practical work experience. We aim to match work placements with each trainee's career objectives. Companies are selected on the basis of:


  1. their ability to provide our trainees with a suitable position in their fields of study
  2. that they provide valuable practical work experience in order to support the participants future career objectives
  3. clear training agreements


The Akademie Überlingen offers work placements that manage LdV Mobility and can arrange various work placements in many sectors of industry and commerce. Whether in IT, marketing, accounts or childcare, from housekeeping to administration we will find a suitable work placement for you!

For further information please contact us. 

Akademie Überlingen
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D-38855 Wernigerode 

Telefon: +49 3943 9 222-0

Ansprechpartnerin: Stefanie Bley

Mail: leonardo(at)
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