Akademie Überlingen in Wernigerode

SITE team goes ahead by achiving projects goals

Today we recived some pictures of the last transnational project meeting of SITE, which was celebrated in the beautiful capital of England. That was a central point for all team members, who arrived from diferent european countries: Germany, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary and UK.

Survey Results pdf

At the moment one of the main activities of each country member is to carry out a survey to "vulnerable groups" (people at risk of social exclusion). The results are crucial to find out reasons of social exclusion and develop new training methods for target groups, as well as sharing good practises among countries.

Akademie Überlingen, representing Germany, has already begonnen with the survey. Its target group is composed by long-term unemployed young people and today we got the first results! Have a look!

Bitte klicken Sie auf den Link, um die Fotos zu sehen, und auf das Bild, um die Ergebnisse
unserer Umfrage zu schauen.


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